5 Reasons Minneapolis is One of the Most Fit Cities in the Country

There has been an increasing focus on being fit and taking care of yourself in recent years. People across America are more aware of how important the body is and work hard to take care of themselves. Minneapolis is no exception and is one of the most fit cities in the country.

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As you consider making Minneapolis your home, let’s take a look at all the city has to offer.

Pedestrian-friendly town

1. Bike and Pedestrian Friendly

If you prefer walking or biking around town rather than driving, Minneapolis is the city for you. Minneapolis consistently ranked as one of the friendliest cities to bikers for multiple years. You will find countless paths for bikes throughout the city, along with neighborhoods designed for easy access without vehicles.

Some of the best bike paths in the city are the Midtown Greenway, Chain of Lakes, and the Minneapolis River Parkways. The Midtown Greenway sits in the southern region of Minneapolis along a railroad corridor. This safe path is 5.5 miles long and has year-round maintenance. It also joins with many other trails for ease of access.

One of the nicknames for Minneapolis is the City of Lakes. What better way to experience this than on the Chain of Lakes trail? Take in views of Brownie Lake, Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles, and more. You will always find new sights on this 15-mile route.

The Minneapolis River Parkway is actually two different parkways. The East and West sections are on either side of the Mississippi River. There is no word on whether or not a wicked witch resides in either location. On this path, you will experience the sights of the Twin Cities, including the Stone Arch Bridge and the skyline.

In addition to being bike-friendly, many Minneapolis neighborhoods have high walkability scores. You’re sure to find a community where you can walk to morning yoga or to meet friends at a local bar.

2. Parks Galore

Minneapolis and the Greater Twin Cities are home to some fantastic parks. Whatever area of the city you live in will offer wonderful parks for you and your family. If you live in Minnesota, you know there is no shortage of natural beauty. The parks in Minneapolis are no exception.

Loring Park is in the central area of Minneapolis. Not only is Loring Park incredibly beautiful, but it is also easily accessible and very connected to other attractions in the city. The park itself covers 34 acres and is full of areas for cyclists and pedestrians. It offers numerous athletic courts, as well.

Minneapolis Lakes

Lake Harriet is an amazingly beautiful park located on the southwest side of Minneapolis. Along with the open spaces for enjoying a leisurely afternoon, the park boasts live music and movies throughout the year. For a fun afternoon activity, write a letter to leave at the elf house.

3. Covered Walkways

It comes as no surprise that there are months when the citizens of Minneapolis avoid being outdoors as much as possible. When the temperatures drop, the wind picks up, and the snow falls, a sheltered way to get around town is definitely a plus.

Thankfully, Minneapolis is ready. The Minneapolis Skyway System is impressive in its own right. You will stay warm and dry as you navigate the 9.5 miles of enclosed paths that cover an astounding 80 city blocks. Enjoy walking through downtown Minneapolis in comfort.

The cold winter weather won’t force you to stay cooped up at home. You will be able to stretch your legs and enjoy everything Minneapolis has to offer, no matter the weather.

You can hit the gym, do a little shopping, stop by the bank, and run all of your errands in the covered Skyway System. While you’re out, go ahead and grab a bite to eat, get a pedicure, and pick up a bottle of your favorite wine for the evening.

If you are looking for entertainment, you can even visit three different sports facilities as well as theatres and art galleries. Snow won’t keep you from getting to a show or a Vikings game when you live in Minneapolis.

4. Healthy Food

Farmers Market

If you are looking for a city that makes it easy to eat healthily and stay fit, you will find everything you need in Minneapolis.

A fantastic place to start is the Minneapolis Farmers Market. With multiple locations, days, and plenty of hours to shop, you will be able to get fresh and local food when you need it. Even when fresh produce is out of season, you will find fresh eggs, meat, and cheese, as well as crafts and homemade items.

What better way to support local growers and businesses than shopping at a farmers market? You will love the variety of local items you can find perusing the booths at any of the Minneapolis Farmers Markets. Jump right into the Minneapolis ethos and community at these events.

5. Healthy People

Minneapolis is full of people who value their health and wellness. Residents know how essential fitness is for living an enjoyable life, so you will have a built-in community to support your healthy lifestyle.

It is easy to stay fit in Minneapolis. Local restaurants offer healthy dining options. Gyms and yoga studios make it easy to exercise regardless of how Mother Nature behaves. And mental health centers provide support for those who need it.

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